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Barbie maker Mattel has joined forces with women-led Web3 brand Boss Beauties to debut a line of on-chain virtual collectibles that celebrate the many careers undertaken by the iconic toy figure since the popular toy first launched in 1959. The Boss Beauties x Barbie collection features NFTs designed in Boss Beauties’ signature style that pay homage to the 250 careers of Barbie. The first drop will include artists, astronauts, CEOs, doctors, veterinarians, pilots, and more.

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The Masked Singer

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The MaskVerse (FOX) is a new experience for The Masked Singer fans and crypto enthusiasts to buy, sell and trade unique digital collectibles - Mask NFTs - for their own collections and/or to unlock a variety of benefits. Masks are Non Fungible Tokens, or "NFTs", meaning they are scarce and unique digital assets for which there is no copy or substitute and where your ownership is recorded on the blockchain in perpetuity.

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KRAPOPOLIS is an animated comedy set in mythical ancient Greece from creator Dan Harmon (“Rick and Morty”) centered on a flawed family of humans, gods and monsters that tries to run one of the world’s first cities without killing each other. As someone trying to build one of the first cities from scratch, King Tyrannis has it harder than most. But you can be king without having to take a bunch of meetings and the constant threat of being poisoned, with the KRAPOPOLIS Krap Chicken Fan Pass before the show it set to premiere on FOX in 2023.

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The Deadfellaz collection consists of 9,999 zombie-themed, undead NFTs that emerged from both a love of horror.

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Prime is a free set of tools for Web3 creators, builders, & brands which aim to help digital creators get paid more... on a more recurring basis through claimable art, editions, collections, memberships, rewards, and proof-of-anything.

Prime also gives creators their own home, custom mint pages, and private marketplace, under their own brand, on their own domain. No middlemen. No noise. No gate-keepers. Just you and your collectors.

Free to use. Creators get 100% creator fee, 100% sales, 100% royalties, and 100% of tips. All powered by the Gratis 721A Smart Contract.


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